Business Class

Introducing the Ultimate Business Class Flight Package by Cheaperfly – Elevating Your Journey to New Heights!

Travel in style with our carefully tailored business-class flight packages. We focus on catering to each of our customers to deliver a customized experience like any other. Being a premium travel agency based in London, Cheaper Fly prides itself on providing a blend of luxury, comfort, and affordability. We try to make sure that every mile of your journey is exceptional and memorable.

Highlights of Our Package

Enjoy these features with our business-class travel packages:

Seamless Elegance

From the moment you step on the plane, you'll be welcomed into a world of elegance and comfort. Sink into plush seats that transform into fully flat beds, offering unparalleled pleasure for restful travels.

Exquisite Dining

As part of our package, you will get to enjoy gourmet cuisine prepared by renowned chefs. To cater to different customers, enjoy food that’s catered to your palate. Our attentive cabin crew ensures your dining experience in the air is a true delight.


Priority Services

No more waiting in lines to check in. With priority queues, your check-in is faster, and you get better security and express boarding. Your time is the most valuable thing to us, and we make sure to utilize it where it matters most.


Exclusive Lounges

As we’re on good terms with our flight partners, we’re able to offer our business-class passengers the comfort of exclusive lounges. Enjoy a serene atmosphere that’s perfect for catching up on work or relaxing before you take off. With high-speed Wi-Fi and premium beverages and snacks, we guarantee your pre-flight experience to be delightful.

Extra Baggage Allowance

Traveling for business means you might need more than just one bag. Thankfully, Cheaper Fly is proud to be able to offer a generous baggage allowance. So, there’s no need to limit what you’re bringing.

Travel Assistance

Cheaper Fly also specializes in travel solutions. We have a dedicated team that is committed to tailoring your itinerary to meet your business requirements. Enjoy hassle-free bookings, changes, and assistance at every step.

Corporate Travel

Indulge in luxury while effortlessly reaching your destination. At Cheaper Fly, we specialize in corporate travel. You can see this in our Business Class package which reflects our commitment to providing top-tier services that align with your professional needs.

Global Connectivity

Stay in touch with your team, even when you’re in the air. Our in-flight connectivity options ensure that you never miss a beat when it comes to your business. Stay productive in the air, ensuring your business never stops.

Whether you're attending meetings, sealing deals, or exploring new markets, our business-class flight package ensures your journey in luxury and arrives revitalized ready to conquer every business endeavor. Elevate your travel with Cheaper Fly and experience the pinnacle of business travel excellence.